U.S. Military Academy Master Plan & Programmatic Validation

The United States Military Academy (USMA) is our nation’s premier institute for teaching young men and women the skills necessary to make them great military leaders. Currently, USMA infrastructure does not meet the school’s mission requirements. Buildings are old and in need of desperate rehabilitation and students are packed into classrooms and barracks that were sized for much smaller class sizes. To meet requirements, USMA began to plan for what they refer to as the Academic Building Upgrade Program (ABUP). Coming after the CBUP (Cadet Barracks Upgrade Program), this initiative is the final stage in completely upgrading all buildings on campus, so that the facilities are at standards similar to the academic peers: Ivy League universities, Georgetown, Amherst, etc. To do so, a Master Plan was completed that comprised of various different elements that would come into play during the planning, design, and construction phases of ABUP. Through an intense 5-day charrette on-site, the project team conducted many interviews with program leads and the US Army Corps of Engineers to help put in place the most efficient plan to get from USMA’s current state to the completion of ABUP. This plan includes space planning for every program offered at USMA, Construction phasing and logistics, site laydown planning, and ROM cost analysis for each building to be upgraded.